SRX5600 Services Gateway Power System Overview

The services gateway uses either AC or DC power supplies. The services gateway is configurable with two, three, or four AC power supplies or two or four DC power supplies. The power supplies connect to the midplane, which distributes the different output voltages produced by the power supplies to the services gateway components, depending on their voltage requirements. Each power supply is cooled by its own internal cooling system.

Caution: The services gateway cannot be powered from AC and DC power supplies simultaneously. The first type of power supply detected by the services gateway when initially powered on determines the type of power supply allowed by the services gateway. All installed power supplies of the other type are disabled by the services gateway. If you install a power supply of the other type while the services gateway is operating, the services gateway disables the power supply and generates an alarm.

Redundant power supplies are hot-removable and hot-insertable. When you remove a power supply from a services gateway that uses a nonredundant power supply configuration, the services gateway may shut down depending on your configuration.

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