SRX5600 Services Gateway Chassis

The services gateway chassis is a rigid sheet metal structure that houses all the other components (see Figure 1, Figure 2, and Figure 3). The chassis measures 14.0 in. (35.6 cm) high, 17.45 in. (44.3 cm) wide, and 24.5 in. (62.2 cm) deep (from the front to the rear of the chassis). The chassis installs in standard 800-mm (or larger) enclosed cabinets, 19-in. equipment racks, or telco open-frame racks. Up to five services gateways can be installed in one standard (48-U) rack if the rack can handle their combined weight, which can be greater than 818 lb (371.0 kg). See SRX5600 Services Gateway Physical Specifications for physical specifications for the SRX5600 Services Gateway.

Caution: Before removing or installing components of a services gateway, attach an ESD strap to an ESD point and place the other end of the strap around your bare wrist. Failure to use an ESD strap can result in damage to the services gateway.

Warning: The services gateway must be connected to earth ground during normal operation.

Figure 1: Front View of a Fully Configured Services Gateway Chassis

Image g030218.gif

Figure 2: Rear View of a Fully Configured AC-Powered Services Gateway Chassis

Image g004201.gif

Figure 3: Rear View of a Fully Configured DC-Powered Services Gateway Chassis

Image g004202.gif

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