Connecting the CLI at the User End for the SRX550 Services Gateway

To connect to the CLI through a dial-up modem connected to the console port on the SRX550 Services Gateway:

  1. Connect a modem at your remote location to a management device.
  2. Start your asynchronous terminal emulation application (such as Microsoft Windows HyperTerminal) on the management device.
  3. Select the COM port to which the modem is connected (for example, COM1).
  4. Configure the port settings shown in Table 23.

    Table 23: Port Settings

    Port Settings


    Bits per second


    Data bits




    Stop bits


    Flow control


  5. In the HyperTerminal window, type AT.

    For more information on the AT commands, see the Junos OS Initial Configuration Guide for Security Devices PDF Document.

    An OK response indicates that the modem can communicate successfully with the COM port on the management device.

  6. To dial the modem that is connected to the console port on the services gateway, type ATDT remote-modem-number. For example, if the phone number of the modem connected to the console port on the services gateway is 0019785551234, type ATDT 0019785551234.

    The services gateway login prompt appears.

  7. Log in as the user root. No password is required at initial connection, but you must assign a root password before you commit any configuration settings.

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