Powering Off the SRX550 Services Gateway

You can power off the services gateway in one of two ways:

Note: Do not press the Power button while the device is shutting down.

Caution: Use the graceful shutdown method to halt, power off, or reboot the services gateway. Use the forced shutdown method as a last resort to recover the services gateway if the services gateway operating system is not responding to the graceful shutdown method.

Caution: Forced shutdown can result in data loss and corruption of the file system.

Note: To remove power completely from the device, unplug the AC power cord or switch off the power source.

After powering off a power supply, wait at least 10 seconds before turning it back on. After powering on a power supply, wait at least 10 seconds before turning it off.

The Power button on the services gateway is a standby power switch.

If you press the Power button to power off the device when it is still connected to a power source, 12-V power will still be available in the chassis and the device will be fully powered off.

Note: When you are powering off the device, the system displays the following message: Turning the system power off. You can now safely remove the power cable to completely disconnect the power from the device.

Note: You can use the request system reboot command to schedule a reboot of the services gateway.

For more information about halting, powering off, or rebooting the services gateway using the command-line interface (CLI), see the following guides:

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