Grounding the SRX550 Services Gateway

You ground the services gateway by connecting a grounding cable to earth ground and then attaching it to the chassis grounding points located on the right side of the device (if you are facing the front of the chassis).

Ensure that you have the following parts and tools available:

Caution: Before services gateway installation begins, a licensed electrician must attach a cable lug to the grounding and power cables that you supply. A cable with an incorrectly attached lug can damage the services gateway (for example, by causing a short circuit).

To ground the services gateway:

  1. Attach an electrostatic discharge (ESD) grounding strap to your bare wrist, and connect the strap to the ESD point on the chassis. For more details, see Preventing Electrostatic Discharge Damage to the SRX550 Services Gateway.
  2. Ensure that all grounding surfaces are clean, free from accumulated dust or debris, and brought to a bright finish before grounding connections are made.

    Note: The surface of the grounding points are suitably plated for conductivity.

  3. Connect the grounding cable to a proper earth ground.
  4. Place the grounding cable lugs over the grounding points (sized for M5 screws) on the left side of the back panel.
  5. Secure the grounding cable lugs to the grounding points, first with the washers, then with the screws.
  6. Dress the grounding cable and verify that it does not touch or block access to the services gateway components and that it does not drape where people could trip on it.

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