SRX550 Services Gateway Mini-Physical Interface Modules

The SRX550 Services Gateway has two slots for installing Mini-Physical Interface Modules (Mini-PIMs).

A Mini-PIM is a network interface card that is installed in the services gateway to provide physical connections to a LAN or WAN. The Mini-PIMs supported on the services gateway are field-replaceable units (FRUs); which you can remove or replace at your site. You can install Mini-PIMs into the two Mini-PIM slots on the front panel of the services gateway chassis.

For more information about supported Mini-PIMs and the minimum supported Junos OS release, see SRX Series Services Gateway Interfaces Models and Compatibility.

For more information about supported Mini-PIMs, including how to install and configure Mini-PIMs, see the SRX Series Services Gateways for the Branch Physical Interface Modules Hardware Guide.

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