SRX550 Services Gateway Cooling System

The SRX550 Services Gateway cooling system consists of four fixed fans and an optional air filter. The fans provide cooling to the components installed in the services gateway. To function properly, the entire cooling system requires an unobstructed airflow and proper clearance around the site.

An optional air filter installed in the rear of the chassis can help keep dust and other particles from entering the cooling system (Figure 6). The air filter is required for NEBS compliance.

Figure 6: SRX550 Services Gateway Optional Air Filter

SRX550 Services Gateway Optional
Air Filter

The fan controller constantly monitors the temperature of the services gateway and all modules (Mini-PIMs and GPIMs) installed in the device. Under normal operating conditions, the fans function at lower than full speed.

If any one of the four fans fails, the services gateway generates a warning but keeps the system running. If the temperature keeps rising, the services gateway lowers the power consumption by reducing the performance or shutting down some of the chassis components. However, if the ambient maximum temperature specification exceeds the warning limit and the system cannot be adequately cooled, then the services gateway shuts down the system and hardware components completely.

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