SRX3600 Services Gateway Software Configuration Overview

The services gateway is shipped with the Junos OS preinstalled and ready to be configured when the services gateway is powered on. There are three copies of the software: one on a CompactFlash card (if installed) in the Routing Engine, one on the hard disk in the Routing Engine, and one on a USB flash drive that can be inserted into the slot in the Routing Engine faceplate.

When the services gateway boots, it first attempts to start the image on the USB flash drive. If a USB flash drive is not inserted into the Routing Engine or the attempt otherwise fails, the services gateway next tries the CompactFlash card (if installed), and finally the hard disk.

You configure the services gateway by issuing Junos OS command-line interface (CLI) commands, either on a console device attached to the RE CONSOLE 0 port on the Switch Fabric Board (SFB), or over a Telnet connection to a network connected to the RE ETHERNET 0 port on the SFB.

Gather the following information before configuring the services gateway:

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