Lifting the SRX3600 Services Gateway Chassis into the Rack

Lifting the chassis and mounting it in a rack requires two people. The empty chassis weighs approximately 43.6 lb (19.8 kg).

  1. Ensure the rack is in its permanent location and is secured to the building.
  2. Position the chassis in front of the rack or cabinet. Use a pallet jack if one is available.
  3. With one person on each side, lift the chassis into position in the rack:
    • For two-post rack mounting, align the bottom hole in each mounting bracket with a hole in each rack rail.
    • For four-post rack or cabinet mounting, position the services gateway so that the bottom rear edge of the chassis rests on the support shelf you installed earlier, as described in Installing the Mounting Hardware for the SRX3600 Services Gateway.

    Warning: Do not attempt to lift the chassis by the handles on the power supplies or on the common form-factor modules (CFMs). The handles may break off causing the chassis to fall and inflict injury.

    Figure 30: Lifting the Chassis into the Rack

    Lifting the Chassis into the Rack
  4. Use the screws to attach the left and right brackets to the rack.
  5. Visually inspect the alignment of the chassis. If the chassis is installed properly in the rack, all the mounting screws on one side of the rack should be aligned with the mounting screws on the opposite side and the chassis should be level.

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