SRX3600 Services Gateway Description

The SRX3600 Services Gateway is a high-performance, scalable, carrier-class security device with multi-processor architecture. The SRX3600 Services Gateway has a capacity of up to 30 gigabits per second (Gbps) in full duplex and is five rack units (U) tall. Nine services gateways can be stacked in a single floor-to-ceiling rack for increased port density per unit of floor space. The SRX3600 Services Gateway provides 12 common form-factor module (CFM) slots that can be populated with up to seven Services Processing Cards (SPCs), up to three Network Processing Cards (NPCs), and up to six I/O cards (IOCs). The services gateway also has one dedicated slot for the Switch Fabric Board (SFB), one slot for a Routing Engine, one slot for an SRX Clustering Module (SCM), four slots for power supplies, and one slot for the fan tray and air filter.

Figure 1: Front View of the SRX3600 Services Gateway

Front View of the SRX3600 Services

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