Installing the Mounting Hardware for the SRX3400 Services Gateway

The specific mounting hardware used depends on the type of rack being utilized. Use the appropriate procedure steps to install the mounting hardware for your situation.

To install the mounting hardware:

  1. Locate the rack mount brackets in the accessory kit.
  2. Use the screws provided to secure the rack mount brackets to the sides of the chassis:
    • For a two-post rack, mount the brackets at the mid-mount holes, as shown in Figure 22.

      Warning: When you install the services gateway in a two-post rack, you must attach the mounting brackets at the middle of each chassis side, as shown in Figure 22. Do not attempt to install the services gateway in a two-post rack with the mounting brackets attached at the front of the chassis. Such an installation might overstress either the brackets or the rack, causing the chassis to fall and inflict injury.

      Figure 22: Attaching Mounting Hardware for Two-Post Rack

      Image g030257.gif
    • For a four-post rack, mount the brackets near the front edge of the chassis, as shown in Figure 23.

    Figure 23: Attaching Mounting Hardware for Cabinet or Four-Post Rack

    Image g036007.gif
  3. For installation in a cabinet or a four-post rack, install the support shelf on the rear posts, as shown in Figure 24.

    Figure 24: Attaching Four-Post and Cabinet Support Shelf

    Image g036094.gif

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