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Installing the SRX3400 Services Gateway in a Rack or Cabinet Using a Mechanical Lift

  1. Ensure the rack is in its permanent location and is secured to the building. Ensure that the installation site allows adequate clearance for both airflow and maintenance. For details, see Site Preparation Checklist for the SRX3400 Services Gateway.
  2. Load the device onto the lift, making sure it rests securely on the lift platform (see Figure 24).

    Figure 24: Load the Device onto the Lift

    Image g030261.gif

  3. Using the lift, position the device in the rack:
  4. Install a mounting screw into each of the two aligned holes as shown in Figure 25 (two-post rack) or Figure 26 (four-post rack). Use a number-2 phillips screwdriver to tighten the screws.

    Figure 25: Installing the Device in a Two-Post Rack

    Image g030258.gif

    Figure 26: Installing the Device in a Four-Post Rack

    Image g036095.gif

  5. Install the remaining screws in each mounting bracket.
  6. Move the lift away from the rack.
  7. Visually inspect the alignment of the device. If the device is installed properly in the rack, all the mounting screws on one side of the rack should be aligned with the mounting screws on the opposite side and the device should be level.

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