Hardware Component Locations in the SRX3400 Services Gateway Chassis

The SRX3400 Services Gateway is populated with one SFB, one Routing Engine, one power supply, and a fan tray plus air filter at the factory. You must install all other cards required to meet your configuration needs. Table 7 lists the possible locations of the various hardware components in the SRX3400 Services Gateway. Figure 4 and Figure 5 show the locations of the slots and the applicable modules.

Table 7: Allowed Slot Locations for the SRX3400 Services Gateway Components

Module Name

Allowed Slot Locations


Front slot labeled 0.

Routing Engine

Rear slot labeled RE0.


Rear slot labeled RE1.


Front slots labeled 1-4.


Rear slots labeled 5-7.


Front slots labeled 1-4 and rear slots labeled 5-7.

Power supplies

Rear slots (two) on bottom left of chassis.

Fan tray and air filter

Rear, vertical slot on far right of chassis.

Figure 4: Front Slots on the SRX3400 Services Gateway

Front Slots on the SRX3400
Services Gateway

Figure 5: Rear Slots on the SRX3400 Services Gateway

Rear Slots on the SRX3400 Services

Note: A minimum configuration must include one Network Processing Card (NPC) and one Services Processing Card (SPC). See SRX3400 Services Gateway Network Processing Cards and SRX3400 Services Gateway Services Processing Cards for details about these cards.

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