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Troubleshooting the Cooling System on the SRX3400 Services Gateway

The Services Gateway cooling system is a fan tray and an air filter, both of which are located vertically in the rear of the chassis. The fan tray contains four fans fans. The fan tray provides cooling to the components installed in the device.

An air filter installed in the rear of the chassis helps keep dust and other particles from entering the cooling system. To function properly, the entire cooling system requires an unobstructed airflow and proper clearance around the site, as described in Site Preparation Checklist for the SRX3400 Services Gateway.

During normal operation, the fans in the fan tray function at less than full speed. The RE constantly monitors the temperatures detected by sensors and device components, adjusting the speed of the fans as necessary. If the device temperature exceeds the acceptable maximum, the RE turns off the power supplies. The following conditions automatically cause the fans to run at full speed and also trigger the indicated alarm:

To troubleshoot the fans, follow these guidelines:

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