Performing Initial Software Configuration on the SRX240 Services Gateway Using the Setup Wizard

This topic describes how to perform the initial software configuration of your services gateway using the setup wizard available in Junos OS Release 11.2R3 or later. If your services gateway is running an earlier version of Junos OS, see Performing Initial Software Configuration on the SRX240 Services Gateway Using the J-Web Interface.

This topic includes the following sections:

About the Setup Wizard

The setup wizard guides you step-by-step through configuring a services gateway that can securely pass traffic. To help guide you through the process, the wizard:

You choose one of two paths through the wizard by selecting the configuration mode:

About the Default Setup Mode

If you choose the Default Setup mode, the wizard takes you through the minimal configuration needed to set up the services gateway to securely pass traffic in the default configuration. The resulting configuration is similar to the factory default configuration described in SRX240 Services Gateway Software Configuration Overview, except that the untrust and trust zones are renamed Internet and Internal zones.

In the Default Setup mode, you configure:

The wizard also gives you the option of using the free 30-day trial licenses or downloading purchased licenses. You cannot do additional configuration in the Default Setup mode—you must commit your changes and exit the wizard to perform any additional configuration. You can perform additional configuration by rerunning the wizard in the Guided Setup mode, by using the J-Web interface, or by using the CLI.

See SRX240 Services Gateway Software Configuration Overview for step-by-step instructions on how to configure your services gateway in the Default Setup mode.

About the Guided Setup Mode

If you choose the Guided Setup mode, the wizard guides you through configuring your services gateway in a custom security configuration. Configuration you can perform with the setup wizard includes:

Note: In the Guided Setup mode, make sure you have configured the Ethernet interface you will be using for management access before you commit the configuration. If you do not do so, you can lose access to the J-Web interface.

If you lose access to the J-Web interface, you can:

  • Make a console connection to the services gateway and configure access using the CLI.
  • Reset the services gateway to its factory default configuration as described in Loading the Rescue Configuration on the SRX240 Services Gateway. This allows you to regain access to the setup wizard and restart the initial configuration.

Running the Setup Wizard

To run the setup wizard:

  1. Connect a laptop or desktop computer to any of the ports 0/1 through 0/15 as described in Connecting to the SRX240 Services Gateway Setup Wizard.
  2. If you will be using the setup wizard to download purchased licenses, connect your services gateway to the Internet on port 0/0.
  3. Open a Web browser on your laptop or desktop.

    Note: Supported browsers are Windows Internet Explorer versions 7, 8, and 9 and Mozilla Firefox versions 4 and 5. The minimum screen resolution is 800 by 600 pixels.

  4. Enter one of the following URLs: or

    When the Welcome page for the setup wizard appears, choose the setup mode you want to use to configure the services gateway.

After you finish configuring the services gateway with the setup wizard and commit your configuration, you are redirected to the J-Web interface. Thereafter, whenever you connect to the services gateway, you are placed in the J-Web interface. You can access the setup wizard from the J-Web interface and use it to reconfigure your services gateway. To do so, select Configuration > Tasks > Run Setup Wizard.

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