Locating SRX240 Services Gateway Component Serial Number and Agency Labels

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Listing the SRX240 Services Gateway and Component Details with the CLI

Before contacting Juniper Networks to request an RMA, you must find the serial number on the SRX240 Services Gateway or component.

To list all of the SRX240 Services Gateway components and their serial numbers, enter the following command-line interface (CLI) command:

user@host> show chassis hardware
Hardware inventory:
Item 					Version 		Part number 	Serial number 			Description
Chassis 													AH1111AA7887			SRX240h-poe
Routing Engine 	REV 01 		750-021794		PW7887					RE-SRX240-POE
FPC 0 																				FPC
	PIC 0 																			16x GE Base PIC
FPC 1					REV 01		750–025085		PW8534					FPC
	PIC 0 																			1x Serial mPIM
FPC 2					REV 00		750–032730
FPC 3					REV 06		750–025184		AAAN7005					FPC
	PIC 0																				1x VDSL2 Annex A
Power Supply 0

Note: In the show chassis hardware command, the Mini-Physical Interface Module (Mini-PIM) slot number is reported as an FPC number, and the Mini-PIM number (always 0) is reported as the PIC number.

Most components also have a serial number ID label attached to the component body.

SRX240 Services Gateway Chassis Serial Number and Agency Labels

The SRX240 Services Gateway has a serial number ID label and an agency label located on the back of the chassis as shown in Figure 25.

Figure 25: Location of SRX240 Serial Number and Agency Labels

Location of SRX240 Serial
Number and Agency Labels

SRX240 Services Gateway Mini-Physical Interface Module Serial Number Label

Mini-Physical Interface Modules (Mini-PIMs) are field-replaceable on the SRX240 Services Gateway. Each Mini-PIM has a unique serial number. The serial number label is located on the right side of the Mini-PIM, when the Mini-PIM is horizontally oriented (as it would be installed on the services gateway).

The exact location might be slightly different on different Mini-PIMs, depending on the placement of components on the Mini-PIM.

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