Replacing the SRX220 Services Gateway CompactFlash Card

The SRX220 Services Gateway has a CompactFlash card installed in a covered slot at the right edge of the front panel. Under certain circumstances, you might find it necessary to replace the CompactFlash card. The following procedure describes how to replace the CompactFlash card.

  1. If the services gateway is powered on, power off the device by pressing the Power button on the front panel of the device.
  2. Remove the two screws on the front panel that secure the cover over the CompactFlash slot.
  3. Remove the slot cover and set it aside.
  4. Extract the CompactFlash card from the slot and set it aside.
  5. Insert the replacement CompactFlash card into the CompactFlash slot.
  6. Place the slot cover over the open CompactFlash card.
  7. Secure the cover by installing the two screws.

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