Locating the SRX220 Services Gateway Serial Number and Agency Labels

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Listing the SRX220 Services Gateway and Component Details with the CLI

Before contacting Juniper Networks to request an RMA, you must find the serial number on the SRX220 Services Gateway or component.

To list all the SRX220 Services Gateway components and their serial numbers:

admin@host> show chassis hardware

Hardware inventory:
Item             Version  Part number  Serial number     Description
Chassis                                AR0910AA0021      SRX220H
Routing Engine   REV 08   750-031177   AABC5285          RE-SRX220H
FPC 0                                                    FPC
  PIC 0
Power Supply 0

Note: In the show chassis hardware command, the Mini-PIM slot number is reported as an FPC number, and the Mini-PIM number (always 0) is reported as the PIC number.

Most components also have a serial number ID label attached to the component body.

SRX220 Services Gateway Chassis Serial Number and Agency Labels

The SRX220 Services Gateway has a serial number ID and agency labels on the bottom of the chassis, as shown in Figure 21.

Figure 21: Location of SRX220 Serial Number and Agency Labels

Image g037615.gif

SRX220 Services Gateway Mini-Physical Interface Module Serial Number Label

Mini-PIMs are field-replaceable on the SRX220 Services Gateway. Each Mini-PIM has a unique serial number. The serial number label is located on the right side of the Mini-PIM, when the Mini-PIM is horizontally oriented (as it would be when installed on the device). The exact location might be slightly different on different Mini-PIMs, depending on the placement of components on the Mini-PIM.

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