Preparing the SRX220 Services Gateway for Rack-Mount Installation

You can mount an SRX220 Services Gateway on four-post (telco) racks, enclosed cabinets, and open-frame racks.

Note: The SRX220 Services Gateway does not support center-mount racks.

Table 21 provides the list of tasks you need to perform before installing the device in a rack.

Table 21: SRX220 Services Gateway Preinstallation Checklist for Rack-Mount Installation


Additional Information

Verify that the site meets the requirements.

Site Preparation Checklist for the SRX220 Services Gateway

Verify that the racks or cabinets meet the specific requirements.

SRX220 Services Gateway Rack Requirements

Place the rack or cabinet in its permanent location, allowing adequate clearance for airflow and maintenance, and secure it to the building structure.

Clearance Requirements for Airflow and Hardware Maintenance of the SRX220 Services Gateway

Remove the services gateway chassis from the shipping box.

Unpacking the SRX220 Services Gateway

Verify that you have the following parts available in your rack-mounting kit for the SRX220 Services Gateway:

  • Rack-mounting brackets
  • Screws
  • Power supply adapter tray with screws

Note: The rack-mounting kit is not shipped with the device and must be ordered separately.

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