SRX220 Services Gateway Mini-Physical Interface Modules

The SRX220 Services Gateway has two slots for Mini-Physical Interface Modules (Mini-PIMs).

A Mini-PIM is a network interface card that is installed on the services gateway to provide physical connections to a LAN or WAN. The Mini-PIMs supported on the services gateway are field-replaceable; they can be are removed and inserted into the device. You can install Mini-PIMs into the two Mini-PIM slots on the front panel of the services gateway chassis.

For more information about supported Mini-PIMs, including how to install and configure Mini-PIMs, see the SRX Series Services Gateways for the Branch Physical Interface Modules Hardware Guide.

Note: The Mini-PIMs available for the SRX220 Services Gateway do not support hot swapping. You must power off the device and then unplug its power cord or power supply adapter before removing or installing Mini-PIMs.

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