SRX1400 Services Gateway Cabinet Requirements

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Cabinet Size and Clearance Requirements

The minimum size cabinet that can accommodate the services gateway is 27.5 in. (69.8 cm) wide and 31.5 in. (80.0 cm) deep. The cabinet must allow at least 5 in. (13 cm) of clearance on each side of the chassis to allow for cooling air to flow through the vents on each side of the device. A cabinet larger than the minimum requirement provides better airflow and reduces the chance of overheating.

Allow at least 3 in. (7.6 cm) of vertical clearance between the top and bottom of the services gateway and other devices in the cabinet.

If you provide adequate cooling air and airflow clearance, you can stack eight devices in a cabinet that has at least 40 U (70 in. or 1.78 m) of usable vertical space.

Cabinet Airflow Requirements

When you mount the services gateway in a cabinet, you must ensure that ventilation through the cabinet is sufficient to prevent overheating. Consider the following requirements when planning for chassis cooling:

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