I/O Cards Supported on the SRX1400 Services Gateway

I/O cards (IOCs) are common form-factor module (CFM) cards that provide additional physical network connections to the services gateway. Their primary function is to deliver data packets arriving on the physical ports to the Network and Service Processing Card (NSPC) and to forward data packets out the physical ports after services processing.

You can install one IOC in the CFM slot 2 of the SRX1400 Services Gateway. If no IOC is installed in slot 2, you must install a blank panel to shield the empty slot and to allow cooling air to circulate properly through the services gateway.

Three versions of IOCs are supported in the SRX1400 Services Gateway as described in the following topics:

The I/O cards are interoperable between SRX1400 Services Gateway and SRX3000 Series Services Gateways. For more details on other interoperable cards, see SRX3000 Series Services Gateway Cards Supported on SRX1400 Services Gateway.

Note: The IOCs are not provided with the SRX1400 Services Gateway. You must order them separately. Contact your Juniper Networks customer service representative for more information.

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