SRX1400 Services Gateway AC Power Cord Specifications

Each AC power supply has a single AC appliance inlet located on the power supply that requires a dedicated AC power feed and a dedicated 15 A (250 VAC) circuit breaker. Most sites distribute power through a main conduit that leads to frame-mounted power distribution panels, one of which can be located at the top of the rack that houses the device. An AC power cord connects each power supply to the power distribution panel.

Locate the power cord or cords with the type of plug appropriate for your geographical location to connect the device to AC power using the model number.

The services gateway uses detachable AC power cords with C13 appliance couplers at the female end as described by International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard 60320. The plug at the male end of the power cord fits into the power source receptacle that is standard for your geographical location.

Table 49 provides specifications and Figure 57 depicts the plug on the AC power cord provided for each country or region.

Table 49: AC Power Cord Specifications


Model Number

Electrical Specification

Plug Type



250 VAC, 10 A, 50 Hz

AS/NZ 3112–1993



250 VAC, 10 A, 50 Hz

GB2099.1 1996 and GB1002 1996 (CH1-10P)

Europe (except Italy and United Kingdom)


250 VAC, 10 A, 50 Hz




250 VAC, 10 A, 50 Hz

CEI 23–16/VII



125 VAC, 12 A, 50 Hz or 60 Hz

JIS 8303

North America


125 VAC, 10 A, 60 Hz

NEMA 5-15

United Kingdom


250 VAC, 10 A, 50 Hz

BS 1363A

Figure 57: AC Plug Types

Image g001892.gif

Warning: The AC power cord for the services gateway is intended for use with the SRX1400 Services Gateway only and not for any other devices.

Warning: The attached power cable is only for this product. Do not use the cable for another product.

Note: In North America, AC power cords must not exceed approximately 14.75 ft (4.5 m) in length, to comply with National Electrical Code (NEC) Sections 400-8 (NFPA 75, 5-2.2) and 210-52, and Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) Section 4-010(3). You can order AC power cords that are in compliance.

For information about the AC power supply, including a description of components, see SRX1400 Services Gateway AC Power Supply. For instructions on connecting the power cord during initial installation, see Connecting the SRX1400 Services Gateway to an AC Power Supply. For instructions on replacing the AC power cables, see Replacing an AC Power Supply on the SRX1400 Services Gateway.

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