Reinstalling Components into the SRX1400 Services Gateway Chassis

To reinstall the components into the SRX1400 Services Gateway chassis:

  1. Attach an electrostatic discharge (ESD) grounding strap to your bare wrist, and connect the strap to one of the ESD points on the chassis. For more information about ESD, see the SRX1400 Services Gateway Hardware Documentation.
  2. Identify the locations in the chassis where you will reinstall the removed components. Use the label you have marked on each removed component to identify the component and its correct location in the chassis.
  3. Slide each component into the chassis evenly so that it does not become stuck or damaged.
  4. Tighten the latching levers or captive screws for each component as appropriate.

Note: Do not expose the empty CFM (IOC and NSPC) slots in storage or while transportation. Use appropriate covers (blank panel for IOC slot and filler cover for NSPC slot) to prevent any dust or foreign objects from damaging the electronics.

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