Unpacking the SRX1400 Services Gateway

The SRX1400 Services Gateway is shipped in a cardboard carton. Getting Started installation instructions and an accessory box are also included in the shipping carton.

Note: The services gateway is maximally protected inside the shipping carton. Do not unpack it until you are ready to begin installation.

Figure 18 shows the SRX1400 Services Gateway in a shipping carton.

To unpack the services gateway:

  1. Move the shipping carton to a staging area as close to the installation site as possible, where you have enough room to remove the components from the chassis.
  2. Position the shipping carton with the arrows pointing up.
  3. Remove the plastic handle inserts and lift the cardboard cover off the device.
  4. Remove the foam covering the top of the services gateway.
  5. Remove the accessory box and the SRX1400 Services Gateway Getting Started Guide.

    Figure 18: Unpack the SRX1400 Services Gateway

    Image g033512.gif
  6. With a person on each side of the carton, carefully lift the device from the carton and place it on a flat, level surface. Remove the bag covering the device.
  7. Verify the parts received against the list provided in the Verifying Parts Received with the SRX1400 Services Gateway.
  8. Save the carton and the packing materials in case you need to move or ship the services gateway at a later time.

    Note: The NSPC slot is covered with a filler cover, and the IOC slot is covered with a blank panel at the time of shipment. Save the filler cover and the blank panel after removing them from the slots, in case you need them when you pack or move the chassis at a later time. The filler cover does not have an overlay.

  9. Proceed to install the services gateway.

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