Troubleshooting Hardware Components on the SRX1400 Services Gateway

This chapter includes the following topics:

Troubleshooting with the CLI on the SRX1400 Services Gateway

The Junos OS command-line interface (CLI) is the primary tool for controlling and troubleshooting services gateway hardware, the Junos OS, routing protocols, and network connectivity. CLI commands display information from routing tables, information specific to routing protocols, and information about network connectivity derived from the ping and traceroute utilities. CLI commands are entered on one or more external management devices. These devices are connected to the services gateway through the CONSOLE port on the SYSIOC.

You can use the CLI to display details about alarms generated by interfaces and hardware components as shown in examples below:

Note: For further descriptions of the output from the commands, see the Junos System Basics and Services Command Reference.

Note: The set chassis ioc-npc-connectivity command is not supported on the SRX1400 Services Gateway.

You can also view the chassis properties in the J-Web interface by selecting Monitor>Chassis. For more information on troubleshooting the individual hardware components, see the following topics:

Troubleshooting with LEDs on the SRX1400 Services Gateway

The SRX1400 Services Gateway LEDs, listed in Table 33 display the status of various components.

Table 33: LEDs on SRX1400 Services Gateway



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Common form-factor module (CFM) LED

One LED labeled OK/FAIL and SERVICE on the faceplate of following cards indicates the CFM’s status:

  • NSPC
  • IOC


The following LEDs on the SYSIOC faceplate indicate the status of the card. If no LEDs are lit, the Routing Engine may still be booting or the SYSIOC is not receiving power.

  • ALARM (2 LEDs)
  • SIO
  • HA
  • PWR
  • FAN

Note: The LED labeled as AED is currently not supported in this release and this LED always remains off.

Routing Engine LEDs

The following LEDs on the Routing Engine faceplate indicate the status of the Routing Engine and hard disk drive:

  • HDD
  • STATUS (for the Routing Engine)
  • STATUS (for the Packet Forwarding Engine controller)

Power supply LEDs

One LED on each power supply faceplate indicates the status of that power supply.

Troubleshooting with Chassis and Interface Alarm Messages on the SRX1400 Services Gateway

When the Routing Engine detects an alarm condition, it lights the red or yellow alarm LED on the SYSIOC as appropriate. To view a more detailed description of the alarm cause, use the show chassis alarms CLI command:

user@host> show chassis alarms
No alarms currently active

There are two classes of alarm messages: