Return Procedure for the SRX110 Services Gateway

Follow the tasks list provided in Table 50 to return an SRX110 Services Gateway or component to Juniper Networks for repair or replacement:

Table 50: Return Procedure for SRX110 Services Gateway



For more information, see


Determine the part number and serial number of the device or component.

Locating the SRX110 Services Gateway Component Serial Number and Agency Labels


Obtain a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number from JTAC.

Information You Might Need to Supply to Juniper Networks Technical Assistance Center


Pack the SRX110 Services Gateway or component for shipping.

Packing the SRX110 Services Gateway and Components for Shipment

Note: Do not return the device or any component to Juniper Networks unless you have first obtained an RMA number. Juniper Networks reserves the right to refuse shipments that do not have an RMA. Refused shipments are returned to the customer via collect freight.

For more information about return and repair policies, see the customer support webpage at

For product problems or technical support issues, open a support case using the Case Manager link at or call 1-888-314-JTAC (within the United States) or 1-408-745-9500 (outside the United States).

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