Maintaining the SRX110 Services Gateway Hardware Components

Table 38 describes the common tasks to maintain the hardware components of the services gateway.

Table 38: Maintenance Procedures for the Services Gateway Hardware Components

Maintenance Procedure


Routine Maintenance Procedures

To maintain optimum performance of the services gateway, you should regularly perform the following preventive maintenance procedures:

  • Inspect the installation site for moisture, loose wires or cables, and excessive dust.
  • Make sure that airflow is unobstructed around the device and into the air intake vents.

Maintaining the Power Supply

To maintain the power supply on the services gateway:

  • Make sure that the power and grounding cables are arranged so that they do not obstruct access to other device components.
  • Periodically inspect the site to ensure that the grounding and power cables connected to the device are securely in place and that there is no moisture accumulating near the device.

Caution: We recommend using a surge protector for the power connection.

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