Configuring the 3G USB Modem on the SRX110 Services Gateway

Table 13 lists the basic CLI commands for operating the 3G USB modem on the services gateway.

The 3G wireless interface uses the prefix cl in the syntax cl-slot-number/0/port number.

Table 13: SRX110 Services Gateway 3G USB Modem Basic CLI Commands



Checks the status of the 3G USB modem.

show modem wireless interface cl-0/0/8

show interfaces terse


Unlocks the GSM SIM.

request modem wireless gsm sim-unlock cl-0/0/8 pin

Unlocks the SIM automatically on reboot.

set interfaces cl-0/0/ 8 cellular-options gsm-options sim-unlock-code

Recovers the SIM from the pin unlock key (PUK) state.

When you attempt to unlock the SIM, if you enter a wrong PIN three times in a row, the SIM enters the PUK state.

request modem wireless gsm sim-unblock cl-0/0/8 puk new-puk-number pin new-pin-number

Note: You must obtain the PUK value from your cellular service provider.

Changes the PIN on the SIM.

request modem wireless gsm change-pin cl-0/0/8 old-pin current-pin-number new-pin new-pin-number

For more details on configuration example, see Junos OS Interfaces Configuration Guide for Security Devices PDF Document.

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