Installing a 3G USB Modem in the SRX110 Services Gateway USB Slot

Note: Placing the services gateway on a flat, level surface, with the Juniper Networks logo facing up, will make it easier to align and insert the 3G USB modem in the USB slot.

Figure XXX

To install the 3G USB modem on the rear side of the SRX110 Services Gateway:

  1. Before you begin, ensure that the device is powered off.
  2. On the rear side of the device, insert the USB modem extension cable into the 3G USB slot until the cable is engaged.

    See figure X on page X, which shows installation of the 3G USB modem on the SRX110 Services Gateway.

    Note: The 3G USB modem is not hot-swappable.

  3. At the USB modem extension cable-mount USB slot, insert the 3G USB modem.

    Note: Ensure that the base of the 3G USB extension of the cable mount is 18 inches away from the device.

    The steps are incomplete as the Cable mount security design is not yet finalized.
  4. Power on the device. The 3G LED on the front panel of the device indicates the status of the 3G USB modem interface.

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