SRX110 Services Gateway 3G USB Modem Overview

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Introduction to the SRX110 Services Gateway 3G USB Modem

Wireless WAN access is becoming widely available and comparably priced with Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) and Digital Subscriber Line (DSL). The SRX110 Services Gateway supports a wireless interface as a backup for primary interfaces such as Fast Ethernet.

To facilitate wireless connectivity, the device has a USB slot on the back panel which supports the external 3G USB modem using an USB modem extension cable. For more information on the back panel of the device, see SRX110 Services Gateway Front Panel and Back Panel Views with 3G and Integrated VDSL2.

SRX110 Services Gateway 3G USB Modem-Supported Modem Types

Table 11 lists the wireless modem supported on the SRX110 Services Gateway.

Table 11: Juniper Networks Wireless Modem Supported by the SRX110 Services Gateway

Wireless Card

Release Supported

Compass 888. Not available from Juniper Networks.

Junos OS Release 11.2 R3 and later.

Using the SRX110 Services Gateway 3G USB Modem

To use the 3G USB modem, you plug one end of the USB modem extension cable into the USB slot on the rear side of the device, and then plug the 3G USB modem into the USB modem extension cable-mount slot. This enables you to dial a wireless call to the 3G wireless service provider network, which acts as an Internet gateway. To use the 3G USB modem as a backup interface, you can use the dialer feature available in the services gateway.

For more information on configuring the 3G USB modem, see Junos OS Interfaces and Routing Configuration Guide.

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