Powering On and Powering Off the SRX110 Services Gateway

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Powering On the SRX110 Services Gateway

To power on the services gateway:

  1. Ensure that you have connected the power supply to the device.
  2. Insert the plug of the power supply adapter into an AC power source receptacle.
  3. Turn on the power to the services gateway.

The device starts automatically as the power supply completes its startup sequence. The Power LED lights up during startup and remains on steadily when the device is operating normally.

Note: After the power supply is turned on, it can take up to 60 seconds for status indicators—such as the Status and Power LEDs—to show that the power supply is functioning normally.

Note: We recommend you issue the CLI command request system power-off when you want to power off the device immediately after powering it on.

Powering Off the SRX110 Services Gateway

You can power off the services gateway in one of two ways:

Note: Do not press the Power button while the device is shutting down.

Caution: Use the graceful shutdown method to halt, power off, or reboot the services gateway. Use the forced shutdown method as a last resort to recover the services gateway if the services gateway operating system is not responding to the graceful shutdown method.

Caution: Forced shutdown can result in data loss and corruption of the file system.

Note: To remove power completely from the device, unplug the AC power cord or switch off the power source.

After powering off a power supply, wait at least 10 seconds before turning it back on. After powering on a power supply, wait at least 10 seconds before turning it off.

The Power button on the services gateway is a standby power switch.

If you press the Power button to power off the device when it is still connected to a power source, 12-V power will still be available in the chassis and the device will be fully powered off.

Note: When you are powering off the device, the system displays the following message: Turning the system power off. You can now safely remove the power cable to completely disconnect the power from the device.

Note: You can use the request system reboot command to schedule a reboot of the services gateway.

For more information about halting, powering off, or rebooting the services gateway using the command-line interface (CLI), see the following guides:

Resetting the SRX110 Services Gateway

The Reset Config button on the front panel of the services gateway can be used to remove the current configuration and reset the device to the default (factory) configuration. The button is recessed in the front panel to prevent it from being pressed accidentally.

Note: Pressing and holding the Reset Config button for 15 seconds or more deletes all configurations on the device and loads and commits the default (factory) configuration.