8-Port Serial GPIM Basic Configuration

The 8-Port Serial Gigabit-Backplane Physical Interface Module (GPIM) is a network interface card (NIC) that installs in the front slots of the SRX650 and SRX550 Services Gateways to provide physical connections to a WAN. After you install the GPIM in the services gateway, you configure a network interface on the GPIM.

Note: Both the SRX550 and the SRX650 Services Gateways support hot-swappable functionality for GPIMs.

Before you begin to configure the GPIM:

Note: This topic shows a basic configuration that applies a security zone to all protocols and a default policy set. You can also configure specific zone settings and policies on the interface.

To configure the 8-Port Serial GPIM and configure a network interface on the GPIM:

  1. Verify that the 8-Port Serial GPIM is installed in the services gateway:

    user@host > show chassis hardware

    The following sample output shows that FPC 3 PIC 0 is the GPIM:

    Hardware inventory:
    Item            Version  Part number  Serial number   Description
    Chassis                               AJ2409AA0005    SRX650
    Midplane        REV 08   710-023875   AAAB4991               
    System IO       REV 08   710-023209   AAAC3710        SRXSME System IO
    Routing Engine                                        RE-SRXSME-SRE6
    FPC 0                                                 FPC
      PIC 0                                               4x GE Base PIC
    FPC 3           REV 00   750-038290   AADB5216        FPC
      PIC 0                                               8x Sync Serial gPIM
    FPC 6           REV 11   750-023872   AAAV8510        FPC
      PIC 0                                               24x GE POE gPIM
    Power Supply 1  Rev 02   740-024283   TF00372         PS 645W AC
  2. Verify that the PIC on the GPIM is online:

    user@host> show chassis fpc pic-status

    The following sample output shows that FPC 3 PIC 0 is online:

    root@srx-650-b# run show chassis fpc pic-status
    Slot 0   Online       FPC  
      PIC 0  Online       4x GE Base PIC
    Slot 3   Online       FPC
      PIC 0  Online       8x Sync Serial gPIM
    Slot 6   Online       FPC
      PIC 0  Online       24x GE POE gPIM             
  3. Verify that the serial network interface that you want to configure on the GPIM is up:

    user@host> show interfaces terse

    The following sample output shows that the serial network interface you are configuring is up:

    root@srx-650-a> show interfaces se-4/0/* terse
    Interface               Admin Link Proto    Local                 Remote  
    se-4/0/0                up    up
    se-4/0/1                up    up
    se-4/0/2                up    up
    se-4/0/3                up    up
    se-4/0/4                up    up
    se-4/0/5                up    up
    se-4/0/6                up    up
    se-4/0/7                up    up

    The following sample output shows extensive details of se-4/0/0 on the interface:

    root@srx-650-a> show interfaces se-4/0/0 extensive Physical interface: se-4/0/0, Enabled, Physical link is Up
    Interface index: 150, SNMP ifIndex: 773, Generation: 177
      Type: Serial, Link-level type: PPP, MTU: 1504, Maximum speed: 8mbps
      Device flags   : Present Running
      Interface flags: Point-To-Point Internal: 0x0
      Link flags     : Keepalives
      Hold-times     : Up 0 ms, Down 0 ms
      CoS queues     : 8 supported, 8 maximum usable queues
      Last flapped   : 2012-03-01 11:07:13 PST (10:57:02 ago)
      Statistics last cleared: Never
      Traffic statistics:
       Input  bytes  :                    0                    0 bps
       Output bytes  :                    0                    0 bps
       Input  packets:                    0                    0 pps
       Output packets:                    0                    0 pps
      Input errors:
        Errors: 3, Drops: 0, Framing errors: 3, Runts: 0, Giants: 0,
        Policed discards: 0, Resource errors: 0
      Output errors:
        Carrier transitions: 1, Errors: 0, Drops: 0, MTU errors: 0,
        Resource errors: 0
      Serial media information:
        Line protocol: eia530a
        Resync history:
          Sync loss count: 0
        Data signal:
          Rx Clock: OK
        Control signals:
          Local mode: DCE
          To DTE: CTS: up, DCD: up, DSR: up
          From DTE: DTR: up, RTS: up
        DCE loopback override: Off
        Clocking mode: internal
        Loopback: none
        Tx clock: non-invert
        Line encoding: nrz
      Packet Forwarding Engine configuration:
        Destination slot: 4
      CoS information:
        Direction : Output
        CoS transmit queue               Bandwidth               Buffer Priority   Limit
                                  %            bps     %           usec
        0 best-effort            95        7600000    95              0      low    none
        3 network-control         5         400000     5              0      low    none
  4. Assign the interface an IP address:

    user@host# set interfacesinterface-nameunit 0 family inet addressinterface address/destination prefix

  5. Add or select a security zone:

    user@host# set security zones security-zonezone-name interfacesinterface-namehost-inbound-traffic system-services all

  6. Add or select security zones for host inbound traffic protocol options:

    user@host# set security zones security-zonezone-nameinterfacesinterface-name host-inbound-traffic protocols all

  7. Set security policies:

    user@host# set security policiespolicy-name

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