SRX Series Services Gateway Interface Overview

Mini-Physical Interface Modules (Mini-PIMs) and Gigabit-Backplane Physical Interface Modules (GPIMs) are field-replaceable network interface cards (NICs) supported on the Juniper Networks SRX Series Services Gateway for the branch. You can easily insert or remove Mini-PIMs and GPIMs from the front slots of the SRX Series Services Gateway chassis. The Mini-PIMs and GPIMs provide physical connections to a LAN or a WAN. The Mini-PIMs and GPIMs receive incoming packets from the network and transmit outgoing packets to the network. During this process, they perform framing and line-speed signaling for the medium type. The SRX Series Services Gateways run Junos OS.

Caution: The Mini-PIMs available on the SRX Series Services Gateway are not hot-swappable. You must power off the services gateway before removing or installing Mini-PIMs.

Note: Both the SRX550 and the SRX650 Services Gateways support hot-swappable functionality for GPIMs.

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