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Monitoring Services PIC (M40e Router)

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Software release

  • JUNOS 5.4 and later


  • Active traffic monitoring
  • Power requirement: 0.19 A @ 48 V (9 W)
  • Monitors IPv4 packets
  • Support for collecting and exporting cflowd records

Hardware features

  • Monitors up to 100,000 packets per second
  • Support for MTUs up to 4474 bytes for SONET interfaces

Software features

For a list of the software features available for services PICs, see the JUNOS Services Interfaces Configuration Guide.

  • Load distribution across multiple PICs
  • cflowd version 5 support
  • Provides start and end times of each export
  • Supports firewall filtering and filter-based forwarding (FBF)
  • Encapsulations:
    • High-Level Data Link Control (HDLC)
    • Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)

Cables and connectors

  • DB-9 diagnostic serial console port


Status LED, one tricolor:

  • Off—PIC is offline and it is safe to remove it from the chassis
  • Green—PIC is operating normally
  • Amber—PIC is initializing
  • Red—PIC has an error or failure and no further harm can be done by removing it from the chassis

Application LED, one tricolor:

  • Off—Flow collector is not running
  • Green—Flow collector is running under acceptable load
  • Amber—Flow collector is overloaded

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