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Step 4: Install the Router

A fully configured M10i router can weigh up to 80 lb (36 kg). We recommend that two people lift the chassis. Have a third person ready to install the mounting screws.

  1. Position one person behind the router and another person in front. Grasp the chassis, lift it, and position it at the correct height.
  2. Align the bottom hole in each mounting bracket with a mounting hole in each rack rail, making sure the chassis is level.
  3. Install a mounting screw into each hole. Use a Phillips screwdriver to tighten the screws.
  4. Moving up the router, install a mounting screw into the remaining holes in each mounting bracket. At least two screws in each mounting bracket are required, at the top and the bottom of the bracket.
  5. Verify that the router is level.

Figure 4: Install the Router

Image g002207.gif

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