Installing the LN1000 Router

Figure 5: LN1000 Mobile Secure Router — Front Panel

LN1000 Mobile Secure Router — Front Panel

To install the LN1000 router in a VITA 46.0–compliant chassis:

  1. Insert the router into the guide rails located on the front of the chassis.
  2. Slide the router forward until the connector on the router’s back panel contacts the connector in the chassis.
  3. Push in the injector/ejector latch on the right side of the router front panel to complete the installation. If your chassis is not equipped to utilize the injector/ejector latch to assist in insertion, press the front surface of the LN1000 router until its connector is fully seated in the chassis.
  4. Using the 3/32 Allen wrench, tighten the two wedge locks to a torque of 5 in-lb.

    Caution: The guide rails provide cooling to the conduction-cooled router. If you do not properly tighten the wedge locks, the router can overheat and fail.

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