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Planning EX3300 Virtual Chassis

Before interconnecting EX3300 switches in a Virtual Chassis configuration, you must consider the following factors:

  • The number of switches in the Virtual Chassis and their location—Starting in Junos OS Release 12.2, you can interconnect a maximum of ten EX3300 switches to form a Virtual Chassis composed exclusively of EX3300 switches. You can connect up to six EX3300 switches in an EX3300 Virtual Chassis in prior Junos OS releases.
  • Mounting—You can mount the switches in a single rack or install them on multiple racks. For information on the size and strength of racks, see Rack Requirements for EX3300 Switches.
  • Cabling requirements for Virtual Chassis—You can interconnect EX3300 switches into a Virtual Chassis through uplink ports configured as Virtual Chassis ports (VCPs). By default, ports 2 and 3 of any uplink module are configured as VCPs.

    For information on uplink module port cabling requirements, see Network Cable Specifications for EX3300 Switches.

  • Power requirements—You must plan the installation site to meet the power requirements of the switches in a Virtual Chassis. See Power Specifications for EX3300 Switches.

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Modified: 2015-06-23