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Understanding EX3300 Virtual Chassis Hardware Configuration

Virtual Chassis is a feature in Juniper Networks EX3300 Ethernet Switches that allows you to interconnect two or more EX3300 switches, enabling them to operate as a unified, single, high bandwidth switch. Starting in Junos OS Release 12.2, you can interconnect a maximum of ten EX3300 switches by using the uplink ports configured as Virtual Chassis ports (VCPs) to form a Virtual Chassis. You can connect up to six EX3300 switches in an EX3300 Virtual Chassis in prior Junos OS releases. By default, uplink ports 2 and 3 are configured as VCPs.

Note: EX3300 switches do not have dedicated VCPs.

All EX3300 switch models support Virtual Chassis, and you can interconnect different models, which allows you to choose among a range of possible port configurations within the same Virtual Chassis.

The Virtual Chassis configuration includes a master switch and a backup switch, with all other switches in the configuration designated as “linecard” member switches. Virtual Chassis operation is managed through the master switch. Each switch in the Virtual Chassis is assigned a unique member ID that is displayed on the switch LCD.

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Modified: 2015-06-23