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Packing an EX2200 Switch or Component for Shipping

If you are returning an EX2200 switch or component to Juniper Networks for repair or replacement, pack the item as described in this topic.

Before you begin, ensure that you have retrieved the original shipping carton and packing materials. Contact your JTAC representative if you do not have these materials, to learn about approved packing materials. See Contacting Customer Support to Obtain Return Materials Authorization for Switches.

Ensure that you have the following parts and tools available:

  • Antistatic bag, one for each switch or component
  • Phillips (+) screwdriver, number 2

This topic describes:

Packing a Switch for Shipping

To pack a switch for shipping:

  1. On the console or other management device connected to the switch, enter the CLI operational mode and issue the following command to shut down the switch software:
    user@switch> request system halt

    Wait until a message appears on the console confirming that the operating system has halted.

  2. Disconnect power from the switch by performing one of the following:
    • If the power source outlet has a power switch, set it to the OFF (0) position.
    • If the power source outlet does not have a power switch, gently pull out the male end of the power cord connected to the power source outlet.
  3. Remove the cables that connect the switch to all external devices. See Disconnecting a Fiber-Optic Cable from a Switch.
  4. Remove all optical transceivers installed in the switch. See Removing a Transceiver from a Switch.
  5. If the switch is mounted on a wall or on two posts, have one person hold the switch while another person unscrews and removes the mounting screws.
  6. Use the Phillips (+) screwdriver, number 2 to remove the screws.
  7. Remove the switch from the wall, rack, cabinet, or desk and place the switch in an antistatic bag.
  8. Slip on the end caps of the packaging foam on both sides of the switch.
  9. Place the switch in the shipping carton.
  10. Place the packing foam on top of and around the switch.
  11. If you are returning accessories or FRUs with the switch, pack them as instructed in Packing Switch Components for Shipping.
  12. Close the top of the cardboard carton and seal it with packing tape.
  13. Write the RMA number on the exterior of the carton to ensure proper tracking.

Packing Switch Components for Shipping

To pack and ship switch components:

  • Place individual components in antistatic bags.
  • Ensure that the components are adequately protected with packing materials and packed so that the pieces are prevented from moving around inside the carton.
  • Close the top of the cardboard shipping carton and seal it with packing tape.
  • Write the RMA number on the exterior of the carton to ensure proper tracking.

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Modified: 2015-06-23