SONET/SDH OC768/STM256 Optical Interface Specifications

The SONET/SDH OC768/STM256 PIC is supported on T640 and T1600 routers. This PIC has a fixed SONET/SDH OC768/STM256 short reach (SR-1) optical interface.

Table 41 shows the SONET/SDH OC768/STM256 short reach (SR-1) optical interface specifications.

Table 41: SONET/SDH OC768/STM256 Short Reach (SR-1) Optical Interface Specifications


Short Reach (SR-1)

Optical interface


Maximum distance

1.24 miles/2 km


300–pin multi-source agreement (MSA) ITU G.693 VSR2000–3R2

Transmitter wavelength

1530 through 1565 nm

Average launch power

0 through +3 dBm

Receiver saturation

+3 dBm

Receiver sensitivity

–6 dBm

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