Removing the AX411 Access Point Plastic Cover

The decorative plastic cover of the AX411 Access Point does not meet flammability requirements for installations in environmental airspaces. The space above a suspended ceiling may constitute an environmental airspace if it is used as a plenum for the building ventilation system. You must remove the plastic cover whenever you install the access point in an environmental airspace. You can remove the plastic cover without affecting the operation or performance of the access point.

To remove the plastic cover:

  1. Turn the access point over so that the underside of the device faces upward.
  2. Locate the retaining latches at each corner that latch the plastic cover onto the metal chassis. The latches are shown in Figure 10.

    Figure 10: Releasing the Plastic Cover

     Releasing the Plastic Cover
  3. On one edge of the access point, press both tabs away from the metal chassis while simultaneously lifting that edge of the chassis away from the plastic cover.
  4. Repeat Step 3 for the remaining edge of the chassis.
  5. Lift the metal chassis away from the plastic cover.

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