Install the ACX500 Router in Rack

The router can be installed horizontally in a rack or cabinet. The ACX500 router can be accessed only from the front of the router. All the components like the ports, LEDs, power unit, etc are located in the front of the The ACX500 router.

Note: For additional installation options, contact JTAC.

One person must be available to lift the router while another secures the router to the rack. The chassis weighs approximately 8.6 lb (3.9 kg). To install the chassis (see Figure 5):

  1. Ensure that the rack is in its permanent location and is secured to the building. Ensure that the installation site allows adequate clearance for both airflow and maintenance.
  2. Position the router in front of the rack or cabinet.
  3. Have one person grasp both sides of the router, lift the router, and position it in the rack, aligning the mounting bracket holes with the threaded holes in the rack rails. Make sure that the chassis is level.
  4. Have the second person install a mounting screw into each of the open mounting holes aligned with the rack, starting from the bottom.
  5. Visually inspect the alignment of the router. If the router is installed properly in the rack, all the mounting screws on one side of the rack should be aligned with the mounting screws on the opposite side, and the router should be level.

Figure 5: Installing the Front-Mounted Router in the Rack

the Front-Mounted Router in the Rack