ACX500 Universal Access Routers

Quick Start

April 2015
Part Number: 530-061428
Revision 01

This document describes how to install the Juniper Networks® ACX500 Universal Access Routers.

ACX500 Routers Quick Start Description
Step 1: Prepare the Site for Installation
Step 2: Install the Router
Tools Required to Install the ACX500 Router in a Rack
Install the Mounting Brackets
Install the ACX500 Router in Rack
Step 3: Ground the ACX500 Router
Tools Required to Ground the Router
Connect the Grounding Cable
Step 4: Connect External Devices and Cables
Tools Required to Connect External Devices and Cables
Connect the ACX500 Router to a Network for Out-of-Band Management
Connect the ACX500 Router to a Management Console Device
Connect Network Interface Cables to the ACX500 Router
Step 5: Connect Power to the ACX Series Router
Connect DC Power to a DC-Powered ACX500 Router
Step 6: Perform Initial Software Configuration
Enter Configuration Mode
Configure User Accounts and Passwords
Configure System Attributes
Commit the Configuration
Safety Warnings
Compliance Statements for NEBS
Compliance Statements for EMC Requirements for ACX500 Routers
European Community
United States
Junos OS Documentation and Release Notes
Requesting Technical Support
Revision History