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    Rear Panel of a JA1500 Appliance

    The rear panel of the JA1500 Junos Space Appliance, shown in Figure 1, consists of the components listed in Table 1.

    Figure 1 shows the rear panel of the JA1500 appliance.

    Figure 1: Parts of the JA1500 Rear Panel

    Parts of the JA1500 Rear

    Table 1: JA1500 Appliance Rear Panel Components



    Cooling fans

    The JA1500 appliance has two hot-swappable cooling fans that provide the required airflow to cool the appliance.

    Power switch

    The appliance power switch is used to power on or power off the appliance.

    Redundant power supply module slot

    An empty power supply module slot is provided so that a second power supply module can be added, for redundancy, if needed.

    Power supply module

    A single AC power supply module is shipped with the appliance and provides power to the appliance. However, the appliance can also be run on DC by using the DC power supply module for the JA1500 appliance.

    Power Supply Module LED

    One LED is present on the power supply module:

    • Green indicates that the power supply module is powering the appliance.
    • Amber indicates that the power supply module is on but it is not powering the appliance (standby mode).

    Modified: 2016-03-18