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    Front Panel of a JA1500 Appliance

    The front panel of the JA1500 Junos Space Appliance, shown in Figure 1, consists of the components listed in Table 1.

    Figure 1 shows the front panel of the JA1500 appliance.

    Figure 1: JA1500 Appliance Front Panel

    JA1500 Appliance Front

    Table 1: JA1500 Appliance Front Panel Components



    Hard disk

    The JA1500 appliance has three hot-swappable 1-TB hard disk drives in a RAID 5 configuration. The hard drives are numbered 0 through 2 and placed in slots 0 through 2.

    A hardware RAID controller is present in slot 5 for managing the three hard disk drives.

    I/O card (IOC) expansion slots

    IOC expansion is currently not supported.

    Network ports

    Four RJ-45 Ethernet 10/100/1000 ports, labeled 0 through 3 from left to right

    USB port

    One USB port

    Console port

    One RJ-45 console port

    Chassis LEDs

    The following chassis LEDs, l are present on the face plate of the appliance:

    • Hardware Fault LED (red), which indicates that a fan, power supply, or temperature alarm has occurred.
    • Hard Disk Activity LED (yellow), which indicates that the hard disk is in use.
    • Power LED (green), which indicates that the appliance is powered on.

    Ethernet (LAN) port LEDs

    The following LEDs are present above each Ethernet port:

    • Link/Activity LED (green), which indicates the link (On) or link activity (Blinking)
    • Speed LED, which indicates the link speed:
      • Off—10 Mbps
      • Green—100 Mbps
      • Yellow—1000 Mbps or 1 Gbps

    Hard drive LEDs

    In addition to the LEDs on the appliance chassis, there are two LEDs on each hard disk:

    • Hard Disk Activity LED (green), which indicates disk activity
    • Hard Disk Failure LED (red), which indicates disk failure (On) or disk rebuilding (Blinking)

    Modified: 2016-03-18