NTP Time Source For Each JA1500 Appliance

To ensure consistent behavior among all nodes in a multinode fabric, each node’s time must be synchronized with every other node in the fabric. When you configure each Junos Space JA1500 appliance with an NTP server, you ensure that, if the first node (which is used to synchronize time for all nodes in the fabric) goes down, all other nodes in the fabric remain synchronized. To ensure this behavior, all nodes in a fabric must use the same external NTP source that you configure for the first appliance.

Note: By default, Junos Space translates time so that the time displayed in the user interface corresponds to Junos Space server time, but is mapped to the local time zone of your client computer.

The default system clock for a JA1500 appliance may not be precise enough for some networks. To ensure time synchronization across all nodes in the fabric, we strongly recommend that you use the following guidelines: