Parts of the Junos Space JA1500 Appliance

The Junos Space JA1500 appliance front panel, rear panel, and LEDs are described in the sections that follow.

JA1500 Appliance Front Panel

Figure 6 shows the front panel of the JA1500 appliance.

Figure 6: JA1500 Appliance Front Panel

Image g040203.gif

Mounting Brackets

The JA1500 appliance includes front ears, rear mounting rails for mounting in a 4-post standard rack, and midpoint brackets for mounting in a 2-post, 19-inch equipment rack.


The JA1500 appliance has a 2U rack-mountable chassis. The chassis includes the following:

Hard Disks

The JA1500 Appliance includes three hard disk drives in RAID 5 array. The serial-attached SCSI (SAS), hot-swappable drives are externally accessible in field-replaceable trays providing component high availablilty. If one drive fails, the system recovers by hot-swapping the failed drive which is automatically rebuilt. A fourth, empty hard disk tray is available for a spare disk. The disks are labeled from left to right Disk 0 , Disk 1, Disk 2. Front panel LEDs indicate drive activity and failure.


The JA1500 Aappliance includes the following ports:

RAID Controller

The JA1500 Appliance Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (RAID) controller manages the physical disk drives and presents them to the computer as logical units.

Status LEDs

The JA1500 Appliance LEDs are shown in Figure 7.

Figure 7: JA1500 Appliance LEDs

Image g040204.gif

The JA1500 chassis LEDs are described in Table 2.

Table 2: JA1500 Appliance Front Panel LEDs



Chassis Status LEDs

  • Power (green)—Indicates that the appliance is powered on
  • Hard disk activity (yellow)—Indicates the hard disk is in use (writing or reading data)
  • Hardware fault (red)—Indicates that a fan, power supply, or temperature alarm has occurred

Ethernet Ports and LEDs

  • Left Ethernet Port LED (green)—Indicates link and activity
    • On—indicates the link
    • Blinking—indicates activity
  • Right Ethernet Port LED—Indicates the link speed
    • Off—10 Mbps
    • Green—100 Mbps
    • Yellow–1000 Mbps or 1 Gbps

Hard Disk Activity/Failure LEDs

  • LED 1 on left (green)—When lit, indicates disk activity
  • LED 2 on right (red)—When lit, indicates disk failure

JA1500 Rear Panel

Figure 8 shows the rear panel of the JA1500 appliance.

Figure 8: Parts of the JA1500 Rear Panel

Image g040201.gif

Cooling System

The JA1500 appliance includes two rear-accessible, hot-swappable fans to cool the other components. The fans are numbered from left to right: Fan 0, Fan 1.

AC Power Switch

The AC power switch is located between the fans on the left and the power supplies on the right.

Power Supply

The JA1500 appliance includes a cold-swappable, 250 W (90 to 264 V) autoranging power supply for all countries. The power supply is high efficiency and is 80 PLUS certified. The power supply includes an AC receptacle for a power cord. The JA1500 appliance is upgradable to a redundant hot-swappable dual power supply. The power supplies are numbered from bottom to top: PSU1, PSU2.

If the JA1500 appliance includes two power supplies, plug each power cord into a separate power circuit to ensure that the device continues to receive power if one of the power circuits fails.