Installing the Junos Space JA1500 Appliance in a Rack and Connecting the Cables

Before installing the physical appliance in a rack:

To install the physical appliance in a rack:

You need a Phillips (+) screwdriver, number 2

  1. Position the chassis in the rack. We recommend that two people perform this step: One person holds the chassis in place while the other inserts the screws.

    Warning: Use the recommended lifting technique when moving the physical appliance.

  2. Align the holes in the mounting bracket with the holes in the rack rails.
  3. Insert the screws in each of the holes and tighten them with the Phillips screwdriver.
  4. Plug the Ethernet cable into the network port marked ETH0 on the front panel. See Figure 9.

    Figure 9: JA1500 Appliance Front Panel

    Image g040203.gif

  5. Plug the null modem serial cable into the CONSOLE port.

    This cable was shipped with your appliance. If you do not have this cable, use any other null modem serial cable.

The basic hardware installation is now complete. The next step is to connect the physical appliance to a console.