Unpacking the Junos Space JA1500 Appliance

The Junos Space JA1500 appliance is shipped in a cardboard shipping container and is secured with foam packing material. The container also includes an accessory box. The items, listed in Table 7 are included in the JA1500 appliance box:

Table 7: Items in the JA1500 Appliance Shipping Container



Junos Space JA1500 appliance chassis (See Parts of the Junos Space JA1500 Appliance)


Power cable

Mounting kits


RJ–45 to DB–9F cable with adapter, 7 ft. Console cable


7-foot, blue, Category 5e cable


Null modem serial cable


USB restore media flash drive


Security Products Safety Guide


Caution: The JA1500 appliance is maximally protected inside the shipping container. Do not unpack it until you are ready to begin installation.

Warning: The JA1500 appliance weighs over 27 lbs. (approximately 12.2 Kg). Use correct lifting technique when moving the appliance.

To unpack the appliance, follow these steps:

  1. Move the shipping container to a staging area as close to the installation site as possible, but where you have enough room to remove the system components.
  2. Position the container so that the arrows are pointing up.
  3. Open the top flaps on the shipping container.
  4. Remove the accessory box and verify the contents against the parts inventory on the label attached to the container.
  5. Pull out the packing material holding the appliance in place.
  6. Read the “General Safety Guidelines and Warnings” document with particular attention to “Chassis Lifting Guidelines.”
  7. Remove the appliance from the shipping container.
  8. Verify the appliance chassis components received against the packing list. Table 7 provides an inventory of parts provided with a appliance.
  9. Save the shipping container and packing materials in case you need to move or ship the appliance later.